Happy Half A Year Bingo & Buddy!

So whee have been so busy telling you about what whee think of a special anniversary of our Queen that whee forgot about today until it arrived. Up late partying whee were shocked when whee awoke to special cards and singing.

Today, Buddy and myself are exactly six months old. Well I say exactly but it is a total guess because Mummy did not know exactly how old whee were when she took us in. So she gave us a rough guess of a birthday and today whee are celebrating being half a year old. Nibbles was very grumbly when whee squeaked to him about it and said that he has seen more half birthdays than whee have ladypigs. Which is not very hard considering as whee have never met a real ladypig. Sure Buddy has his fan club and whee have seen pigtures of some pretty girls but never in the flesh . . . Or fur.

Six Months Old – A Special Portrait

Anyway whee hope you had fun today and noticed the half year birthday magic even if you did not know what it was. Any suggestions for things whee can do to celebrate or comemorate today?

Lots of piggy kisses



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  1. Happy half-birthdays, Bingo and Buddy! You should get lots of your favourite vegetables and fruit!

    • Whee got lots of parsley which whee love and also some noisy bubblewrap to bounce on. It was the first time whee had seen it so whee got scared at first but now whee love it! 🙂

      Bingo & Buddy

  2. How many is that in Piggie years?
    Happy 6 months!!

  3. Don’t let Mummy know that 6 months is only half of a year because then she might get wickedly clever and only assign you half rations for a while, now that you are old enough to be teased…

  4. Happy half birthday! You two have such wonderful colors!

  5. doesn’t matter how old you are…if the peeps are willing to celebrate it…go with the flow…and get all you can!!! So start popcorning all around until ya get just your most fave treat!! Look cute, groom your whiskers (peeps luv that)…and go for the gold! High Paw Pats to Bingo and Buddy

    • Whisker grooming? Check. Cute faces? Check. Result of veggies? Check, check, check! Whee got mint leaves and celery! Whee will use this great advice in times of crisis. When whee have not eaten something for more than twenty minutes! 😉

      Bingo & Buddy

  6. Happy half-birthday Bingo & Buddy!
    Are you getting some special treats for the occasion?

  7. Oh happy six months boys it’s a very special age! I must have felt the magic because I have had a wonderful day and ate some treats myself!
    I think an extra snack and a party with your lady friend pigs would be a nice celebration. Pirate and Squirrel said they would want outside time if it was their birthday 🙂

    • Thank you! Whee are having a great half year birthday! Whee wish Pirate and Squirrel could come to our pawty. (Though our Mummy has a soft spot for rats so whee wouldn’t want them stealing our limelight!)

      Bingo & Buddy

  8. happy half-a-year-versary!

  9. weeeeeee happy, happy…

    I don’t know when mine is. I hope mommy and daddy do

  10. Happy Six Month Birthday Bingo and Buddy! Wow….I bet you got lots of special veggies and pampering to celebrate – Bubblewrap sounds like FUN too – I’ll have to ask Mom about that!! Anyway, I hope you all had a really SPECIAL day because you’re such SPECIAL piggies!!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  11. Happy Happy 6th Month Birthday! Both of you are very handsome and photogenic! We look forward to another sixth month’s worth of lovely pictures and stories.

  12. Happy rough-guessed half a year birthday!!
    I’m looking forward to seeing your every day life!!

  13. Kings and Queens and Princes too! Want to wish the best to you, so wish day, wash day, today is your 1/2 birthday! So happy bday to you! And manyyyyyy mooooorrrreee.

  14. Dear Bingo and Buddy,
    I’m just a tad bit older than you. We may be related. I’m a ‘pig’ too 🙂 snort

    • Yay! Pig friend! Whee saw pigtures of you and whee are struggling to see similarities but it doesn’t really matter. Whee have never met a pig before so whee are wheeking with excitment! 😉

      Bingo & Buddy

  15. Happy Half-Birthdays!
    Bella and DiDi

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