Jolly Jubilee!

So for those of you who have been living under rocks and not heard; today was a day of celebration. The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee! Though she has yet to officially knight me Sir Nibbles of Hutch-ford I feel a sot of kinship with our dear Monach.

She works hard all year round, doing her best for her country. I work hard all year round doing my best for my species. Well those veggies aren’t going to eat themselves. She works hard to make people see the issues facing those less fortunate. I work hard to educate people, mainly through this blog, on guinea pigs needs.

You see whee are very alike! 🙂 As part of the celebrations today whee had a jubilee themed veggie time. With red pepper, red tomatos, white grapes (which are actually rather green but the point still stands!), some good British strawberries and a special treat of a few blueberries. See our special red, white and blue theme?!

Whee also set up thrones (fleece blankets and cushions!) to watch the pageant of boats going down the Thames on the telly with our hoomans. It took hours and hours for all the coverage but whee waved (and tried to eat!) flags with our Mummy and really got into the spirit of things. It may have been raining outside but nothing could dampen our spirits!

Some of our hoomans made us crowns to make us feel really special! Though whee did get a request for photos our Mummy has lost her camera cable to make the pigtures come up on on the computer so whee will hopefully get them up tomorrow instead.

Are you doing anything fun to mark the Jubilee?


(Not Yet Officially) Sir Nibbles

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  1. I missed all the celebrations as I’m on the other side of the world right now. But I’m looking forward to seeing your pictures, especially with the crowns!

  2. Australia’s public holiday is next Monday for the Queen’s birthday – even though it’s not her birthday in June! Mondays are the only day I work so I will be celebrating with a long week off!

    • Whee have our hoomans on their half term holiday so whee get lots of time with them. (Though there has been a rumor that some of them are having a day out tomorrow which means whee stay home. Not impressed!)


  3. well done fur friends. We are partying tomorrow mum has gone mad on the decorations in the house :-). This also means all the other humans we like visit and we get lots of strokes and mum does not mind if we sneak on her bed out of the way an hour or two later 😉

    • Wooh! Party time. Whee think our hoomans are going to get really fat. Our Mummy does lots of baking so she can take contributions to parties but our family always feel the need to test them so not many leave the house! With the Jubilee Mummy is baking more than normal and even had the cheek to use some of OUR carrots to make a carrot cake. Whee are not amused!


  4. Oh Guys…this is so great…of course we watched what we could here in the colonies…but ya know…old feelings die hard and so we did not see as much as you…maybe sinsirring is involved?? Anyways, Mom saw Princess Catherine’s FAB red outfit and about fell outta bed! NICE! And the Queen, is the Queen…always coordinated! Have a brilliant Diamond Jubilee

    • Our Mummy was wearing a red dress that was designed to look like Catherine’s engagement dress. (But in red, not navy blue!) It is her favourite so she wears an apron over it when she wants to cuddle us! 🙂 Whee liked Kate’s sister, Pippa’s, outfit too. It was slightly nautical!

      Nice to meet some fellow Monarchy Nuts!


  5. Your Jubilee celebration feast sounds extremely delicious. Can’t wait to see the pictures!

    • It was delicious! Though Bingo tried to eat the crowns more than once which was a bit frustrating. He’ll never be invited to a royal garden party with manners like that! 🙂


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