Out With The Old, And In With The New

Today Mummy put us out in the garden to run while she cleaned out our cages. She even picked us some fresh herbs and had us popcorning with the excitment of it all. When it began to get cooler Mummy put us back in our cages.

However I was very surprised to find she had made some changes . . . Instead of our good old fashioned newspaper, hay, woodshavings and shredded paper I found that the shavings had been changed to a soft paper pulp bedding.

I was quite understandably distressed and called out to Mummy to put things right. She laughed and fussed me before wandering off. I was shocked at the lack of sympathy. Even Nibbles mumbled something about it being a long day and needing a nap. It was four in the afternoon! I scuffed at the bedding experimentally. It really was surprisingly soft. I tried resting my chin on it and it didn’t feel completely unbearable.

Later, Mummy returned and asked me what I thought of the new bedding. Well I gave her a right piece of my mind! “How dare you have kept this wonderfully soft bedding from me and my piggy lips?!” I ranted in a series of loud squeaks before turning my back on her and stalking to the corner. I turned in circles a few more times, rather like a cat or dog might, before flopping down to enjoy the bedding.

Nutty’s Seal Of Approval!

What would my hoomans do without me to tell them off when they make such huge mistakes?!



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  1. ahahahhhaaa…totally cool Nutty…glad you like the new bedding…I betcha took a nap pretty soon after checking it out, huh?!

  2. Our piggies never liked change. You are wonder piggies.

  3. Well, that’s a rather drastic change, I agree….bedding is so important (I certainly know THAT!)…..but it sounds like once you got used to it – and felt how SOFT and fluffy and nice it was, you realized that your human really DOES know what she’s doing!!!! 😀

    Kitty hugs, Sam

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