Please Mummy; May I Have Some More?!

Hello Everyone! Today I want to tell you about what happens at eleven o’clock every day. Well it actually begins a little after nine. Whee squeak and complain, and call and chew the bars. Until finally the magic starts . . .

Mummy sighs and picks up two bowls; one brown and one orange. She clinks then together as she walks to the kitchen which heightens our excitment and brings out more squeaking, zoomies and popcorns than you would believe possible.

You hear draws open and close, the fridge open and close, the tap running. By now I am soo excited I think I will burst. I consider escape but then the fridge opens and closes again and I know it is coming. Mummy enters and goes to Nibbles and Nutty’s cage, scolding them softly and insisting the get down from the bars. They reluctantly obey and the cage opens. A silence falls and then you here crunches.

Unable to contain yourself you squeak once more in desperation that comes out in a long “Wheeeeeeee” of indignance.

Mummy kneels beside the cage and opens it carefully. Then she places in that bowl of heavenly vegetables. Today it was curly kale, spinach, celery, carrot and a few different herbs. Below are some pigtures of me enjoying my ‘treat bowl’!

Until next time!



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  1. Hiya Buddy! I would luvluvluv to see video of you guys waiting for Mom to deliver those treats! And while I like my meat, I am, after all a carnivore…your treat bowl is way better looking than my canned food! Hi paws to you guys!

  2. Your salad looks delicious, and you show off your cute carrot bowl very nicely!

  3. What a wonderful treat. Our piggies loved their parsley and romane lettuce every night, We never tried popcorn, that sounds like fun. Enjoy!

    • Ooops! Whee didn’t mean we eat popcorn, (though I do enjoy a bit of corn on the cob)

      Popcorning is the name for the way we jump up and twist in the air. We do it so suddenly it is like a kernel of popcorn popping!

      Thanks for stopping by!


      • Hahahaa – That is what happens when humans read to fast, I love the idea of Popcorning. My piggies used to run track under the dining room table, circle and circle and circle, then they would make a bee line down the hall (all 5) to my son’s room. Love you guys!

  4. I like veggies too!

    • What are your favourite veggies? Mine would be spinach and celery. Bingo loves brocoli. Nutty loves grapes and carrots and Nibbles loves red pepper and cucumber the most.


  5. Enjoy the veggies! We eat them too to keep things moving. 🙂
    Bella and DiDi

  6. Sounds like feeding time is very exciting around your house! I’m not big on veggies myself other than fresh grass from outside but I have to say, your salad bowl looks pretty darn yummy!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

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