Because I’m Worth It!

Today Mummy asked me a rather ridiculous question. I had just finished eating my 11o’clock veggies. The sun was streaming through the window (I could see the dust dancing – an oddly mesmerising sight!). The drapes on the window flapped in the cool breeze. Finally it felt like Spring.

So I waited for Mummy to put us in the garden. Gave her all of thirty seconds too! But she didn’t appear. I wheeked loudly a couple of times. Nothing. Now someone had not closed the cage properly, and if you chew the clip and flick it just right, you can get out.

That’s right. I am Buddy. Houdini Pig! So I flopped onto the carpet in a rather undignified fashion, glad my fan pigs could not see me in such a state. Then I swaggered across the room and made it al the way to the hall before the others began to sound the alarm. Squeaking at the top of their lungs and rattling bars. Exactly what they had refused to join in with when I had started to do it moments earlier!

Mummy appeared in the hall and I began a mad dash back to the cage, hoping she had not seen me. But the cage had fallen shut behind me on my way out, and from the smug look on Bingo’s face he was unlikely to help me. A shadow fell over the cage . . . “Bad Boy Bud Bud!” scolded a voice behind me. I looked back up into my Mummy’s eyes. “I was just getting your water bowls clean for the garden.” she said in an exasperated voice, scooping me up. “What make you think you can tell me when to do things? What makes you think you deserve more?!”

I looked at her with all the adorableness I could muster, and flicked my head so that my fur swished slightly and my whiskers cut through the air. “Because I’m worth it Mummy!” I replied with a cheeky wheek and cheek whiffle.

She laughed. I guess I can’t help being absolutely irresistable!

Ever Yours



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  1. You got the spirit of a runaway, you need freedom, feel the hair running through your hair, feel the grass under your feet. But the thought of you falling on that carpets makes me laugh, sorry lol

  2. careful of those whiskers! they make your little face really precious and you will need them to help you get your way with your Mummy!

    • Exactly! Bingo may well laugh at me, but whiskers like these need protection! One cute sniffle wiggles them enough to make Mummy go “Awwwww!”

      I don’t think anyone quite understands the pressures that come with being as gorgeous as this!

      Do you think I could get my whiskers insured? Is there a policy that covers bashing your nose on an uninsured floor?!


  3. You need a more thorough plan next time, my friend. Try thinking out an ending that doesn’t involve having no available cover. Maybe a nice attempt at setting up a hutch-mate to take the fall would be a clever touch…

  4. Nice try! Melodylowes idea of working the escape so that one of your fellow piggies is to blame for your dash for freedom is a grand idea. Where there’s a will – there’s a way!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

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