In Nibbles’s Opinion . . .

Vets are mean. Every time I visit them they want to clip my claws or poke my tubby belly. A boar’s tubby belly is his own concern. The indignity of a thermometer! Truly, don’t get me started. Poking that cold thing . . . There! And making me squeal in protest loudly enough that the receptionists coming running and the pretty little abyssian I flirted with in the waiting room hears me.

The waiting room. It’s so innocent sounding. Nervously looking around, hoping they will call Rover on the end and forget you. Flirting with the pretty piggy and rumbling at the competition. All the while trying to be extra cute in the hopes Mummy will take you home .

But she doesn’t. You are forced to hear the vet cheerily call you to the examination room. Then the torture begins.

Oh and what of the creams, and medicines and syringes and injections?! Its all too much. No respect at all. They look you over and tell you what a ‘good boy’ you are being (even when you have no other choice under Mummy’s steeley gaze!) When you want to be anything but a ‘good boy’. You even consider biting like Bingo – though biting is a nasty habit so you don’t!

Then even when the appointment is over and you are bundled back into your carrier the awful experience is not over. You are carried back through the waiting room. Past all the other nervous looking animals. And you see the rat in the corner sniggering and chewing the bars. Yet all you can do is sit there and try not to draw attention to yourself.

Then Mummy loudly discusses your problems with a vet nurse. So the other animals laugh along with the rat. And the pretty little abyssian is called up. You exchange a wheek or two with her in passing. Both knowing what she is about to face and the unliklihood you will ever meet again. But in that moment you shared something special. Like Romeo and Juiliette. Star crossed lovers. Brought together by mutual embarassment, torn apart by a simple call.

So yes. Vets are mean. They steal away your soulmate, give you unmanly pedicures and poke around where you would very much rather they didn’t.

Though I have met a couple of vets on here who aren’t too bad so maybe there is hope for the veterinary species yet!



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