A Wet Drought & More Bingo Biting

It’s raining . . . again. One minute we are popcorning around and enjoying the garden and the next second Mummy is scooping us up and rushing us in. We hadn’t been in the garden for awhile. Mummy was bringing us grass but it just wasn’t the same.

But today it was dry enough to play outside. We were so excited. Two of us in each run, with grass and parsley and clover – though not too much clover because Nibbles gets fat on it! – and dandelions. We squeaked and scurried around. So happy and having so much fun.

The first drop of rain landed in front of Buddy and made him jump back and fall over. The second on Nutty’s nose. Then Mummy produced umbrellas and rushed us in one by one. Her hair got really wet so I tried to groom her and “accidentally” bit her ear. I think my biting issues are worsening.

I wonder if I should seek councilling. . . . Any suggestions on how I can stop this biting behaviour, this teethy terror, this dental dilema?!

Cos I think Mummy is going to really get mad if I bite somebody else (even if I do look rather adorable doing it!)

Your Munchily
Bingo Behave!


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  1. My pig likes to bite too… It is something that many do. But I agree. You should see a pet psychic! – KA

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