Nibbles – Food Connoisseur!

Hello there

As you may or may not know I am a bit of a guinea pig food connoisseur. I really enjoy savoring each of the individuals flavour. (As my Mummy will testify, having cleaned them off my chin many times before!)

Ideally I would like to save some of my veggies but any food leftover in my house is safe for about three seconds before the vultures devour it!

Of course we don’t have vultures in England so I must clarify, when I refer to vultures I simply mean my fellow piggies. They do not enjoy the subtle flavour combinations in the same way I do. Simply piggying out (pun intended) and eating as fast as they can.

If I could think of any way to protect my noms or keep the others away from it then I would. I have already tried hiding it in my pigloo and sitting on it but then naughty inconsiderate Mummy searches the cage and throws anything left away! I mean what a waste. There are piggies starving to death in third world hutches and she throws away a perfectly delicious piece of limp spinach!

Have you got any ideas for munchies protection?! I definitely need them.

Its snack time now, I think its celery today so I’d better get in quickly if I want any! (IF I want any? Silly question!)

Sir Nibbles

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Tales and adventures from the hutches of British blogging guinea pigs!

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  1. Nibbles. I am afraid I don’t have any novel ideas for munchies protection. I, however, can say you are very blessed with a great owner and lots of yummy food. Enjoy the glory my dear Nibbles 🙂

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