Bingo Redecorates . . .

Today I got caught. Mummy has no evidence. She has no proof that it was me. I was rearranging the food bowls, you know, gentley nosing them along. Doing a little interior design. Changing the cage layout a little to improve the feng shui. (well no body want to poop in their luck section or eat in their love section!)

Then all of a sudden as I am about to move it again, the food bowl flips over all by itself sending guinea pig nuggets and cucumber chunks everywhere.

Mummy chose that moment to come and see what we were up to and found me in the awkward position by the food bowl, surrounded by mess. I froze hoping that she wouldn’t see me. But her eyes fell on the cage and widdened “Bingo! Behave! Just look at the mess you’ve made!” she sighed crossly hurrying over.

I did my best “Who me?’ look but she didn’t seem to pay any attention as she began tidying up the mess. What happened to innocent until proven guilty?! So I tried picking up food and putting it in the bowl to help her. But then, I am ashamed to admit I spotted her finger . . . It was like seeing a toe . . . I couldn’t stop myself . . . I nipped it.

I know it was wrong, but I couldn’t help it. She let out a cry of surprise and snatched her hand back. It was so exciting I popcorned around, kicking food and hay and bedding everywhere. It was great!

My Mummy was not impressed. But it was soo much fun. As I have tried to tell her, I just can’t help myself. She got Buddy out and took him away for a cuddle. He laughed at me over her shoulder. Ah well. She will forgive me eventually. I’m so naughty but she still loves me!

Better go now. Just heard the fridge so I need to wheek at Mummy at chew the bars as loudly as I can.


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  1. These are too funny. My girls and I are cracking up.

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