Buddy Babe Magnet!

Hello there,

I can’t help it. I’m incredibly gorgeous. I think that the others may be jealous but I cannot hide in a pigloo my entire life. It would be a travesty not to share this face with the world!

When Mummy came home today she smelt . . . unusual.  I instantly knew she’d been up to something so I adopted my most dejected “how could you?!” face. This face has been proven to make her spill everything before. Here let me demonstrate:

Do you see what I mean? No one can resist. She was helpless against my charms. “I’m sorry!” she cried, “I only had a short cuddle with some girl piggies. It would have been rude to my friend if I didn’t.” she wailed.

Girl Piggies?! I flicked my head and began swaying my hips and rumble strutting around the treat bowl. “Silly. They’re not here now.” Mummy laughed.

Feeling offended I stalked into the bedroom, but Bingo was there, laughing at me too. So Mummy got out my favourite pigture of my fan club to cheer me up.

Aren’t they just piggilicious! They just adore me. We’ve never actually met, but I’m sure they are very much in love with me. (Left to Right; Clover, Pepper, Poppy  –  Sadly Pepper past away but she is still very much part of my fan club)

My Mummy says that she likes taking photos of me but get annoyed when I’m a bit of a diva. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to want my carrot carefully sliced instead of whole. Do you? She just doesn’t seem to understand how all this being handsome is exhausting both mentally and physically. Sometimes I will sit and ‘meditate’ as Mummy calls it, by gazing at one thing for a long time. She always distracts me though, by saying how adorable I look and snapping pigtures. Ridiculous, isn’t it.

No rest for the good looking. Isn’t that how the saying goes?

Talking of rest, I think I will go and get some beauty sleep now.

Forever yours



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  1. It is not unreasonable at all to want your carrots sliced. Whole?!! Whole carrots are for average guinea pigs, not exceptional piggies like us!

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