Not the smartest veggie in the treat bowl . . .

Hello there,

It’s Nutty here. I didn’t want Nibbles to have all the fun so here I am!

You may be wondering about the title of this post. I admit it does seem rather odd. But it is what my Mummy said to me again today when I began asking for our 11 o’clock veggies at 9. Hello? I’m a guinea pig, I can’t read the time, and even if I could, that wouldn’t stop me from wanting my veggies from the moment I finish my breakfast!

Oh and laughing at me when I admire and chase my shadow is NOT fair. He follows me everywhere! I tried to tell Nibbles but he just chattered his teeth crossly at me and flopped down in the hay corner.

And how could I forget the giggles at my confusion when my Mummy’s Mummy isn’t wearing her glasses like she usually does. She didn’t look like her anymore!

I suppose I can forgive you seeing as you give me hay, water and veggies and cuddles and clean outs and ‘floor time’. But this is your final warning!!!

Piggy kisses


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